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Richard Wilczak - Senior Construction Manager

Rick Wilczak has 33 years of international design and construction management leadership experience and has served in the capacity of project engineer, construction manager and senior construction manager for a wide range of publicly and privately owned property types valued at up to $100 million each.

For the last fifteen years, Mr. Wilczak's has primarily focused on design-build and development of commercial and institutional projects such as schools, churches, warehouses, malls and hospitals ranging from $0.5 million to $100 million in value. Since 2000, Mr. Wilczak has had responsibility for a total of 21 school projects within the Las Vegas and Los Angeles area.

Mr Wilczak's experience includes direct supervisory responsibility for a number of industrial and commercial projects including a Chlorine Expansion Plant in Taft, Louisiana; Fiberfrax industrial facilities throughout England, Germany, Australia and the United States; and the relocation of an entire steel processing plant from Ohio to China. These projects required experience in civil, mechanical, electrical, structural and all minor trades.

At the early stages of his career, Mr. Wilczak was a structural and civil design engineer. As time passed, Mr. Wilczak's skill set expanded to encompass actual construction management, which provided an opportunity for him to obtain valued field experience.

Mr. Wilczak holds a BSCE degree in Civil & Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois) and completed Master's Degree courses in Structural Engineering and Business. Mr. Wilczak's experience abroad required a facility with language in order to communicate with international clientele.