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Washoe County Public Training Complex
Reno, Nevada

This $17 million "one-stop-shop" training complex for fire, police and rescue personnel serves public safety and higher education entities throughout the Truckee Meadows region. The campus includes classrooms, computerized live fire technology, gas-fueled burn props for simulating fires, an emergency vehicle driving course, hazmat lab, high angle rescue training, high-rise fire/rescue training and an environmentally-safe shooting range with computer controlled targets. A 38,000-square foot administration building, 5,000-square foot armory, 10,000-square foot burn building with drill tower and one-mile asphalt track with concrete skid pad (for vehicle training) are also part of the campus.

Our team's alternative financing methods were the first of its kind for a county project in Nevada. Foregoing the normal obligation bond funding, we engineered the issuance of tax-exempt certificates of participation ("COPs"), allowing the County to build immediately and keep absolute control of the facility and its design. The COPs are secured by annually appropriated lease payments from the County, which will be offset indirectly by revenues from a sales tax bond issue. Payments will be further offset to the extent that space is leased to other tenants, and the County will own the facility debt-free when the bonds are fully paid at the end of the lease.