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Los Angeles Unified School District Primary Centers
Los Angeles, California

In September 2003, our team was awarded a $64,576,479 contract to develop seven primary schools and a park and recreation center for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The bundle of projects was completed in October 2005, with an average construction cost of $7 million per school. The district made progress payments over the course of construction and achieved ownership of the schools upon completion.

The schools are located in several economically challenged areas of the city, and they are designed to promote family life by integrating public education facilities directly into neighborhood areas. Previously, many of the small children in the area had to go to larger schools, further from their homes.

The ambitious program brings neighborhood schools back to communities that have not seen a new school facility in decades, and was part of the District's three-year plan to build 80 new schools and expand 78 existing campuses.