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CSN Morse Arberry Telecommunications Building
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Blazing the trail as the first state design-build project in Nevada, the $19 million CSN Telecommunications Building responds to the orderly growth of the school's Cheyenne Campus as defined by its revised master plan.

Introducing a new project delivery system to the Nevada State Public Works Board, Steve Swisher served as the first bridging architect. His role included planning, programming, schematic design and managing the successful design-build team. Since introducing this new project delivery system to Nevada, it has been successfully implemented in several projects throughout the state.

This two-story building provides state-of-the-art classrooms. It is the flagship building at the main entrance of campus and represents the forward-thinking professionalism of the Community College. The design includes a tree-lined pedestrian walkway that connects to the heart of the campus, ties into several existing buildings and protects students in the harsh desert environment. The building's lobby is an extension of this pedestrian spine, and outside, forms a gateway into the campus.

All building systems and materials were chosen based on a common sense approach to green architecture and energy efficiency. The roof is designed to carry future satellite dishes for upgrading to the latest technology. It also provides an expandable central plant for cost savings. The mechanical system was chosen to reduce noise levels in the classrooms. The building envelope was conceived as a way to conserve energy and present a professional image.