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Clark County School District Northwest Area Technical Center Prototype
Las Vegas, Nevada

The mission of this $67 million premiere career and technical high school is to provide Clark County students with an academic experience that is relevant to the workplace, creating graduates with immediately employable skills. The school houses six academies focusing on medical professions, pre-engineering/construction, early childhood, media communications, hospitality/culinary arts, and transportation.

Designed using a truly collaborative consensus-building process, the visioning team for the school included more than 40 educators and CCSD leaders, as well as business industry partners for each of the six academies. Providing insight into creating realistic curriculum requirements and simulated real-world work environments, these industry partnerships will continue throughout the school year with student work experiences and guest lectures.

The school's unique design integrates core academics into each industry-specific technical academy. To create a high-performance building (and, in turn, high-performance students), sustainable building technologies such as daylighting, reduced energy usage, and use of natural materials will be incorporated into the building design. The Career and Technical Center incorporates renewable resources including daylighting and geothermal heating and cooling. The school is designed to use 30% less power than other schools of this size. This project was the first Silver LEED Certified school in Nevada.

2008 James D. MacConnell Award Winner

*Project designed by Stephen L. Swisher, AIA while with the firm Swisher & Hall