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Just as not every individual is qualified to teach, not every developer is qualified to design and build for the unique requirements of public schools and institutions of higher education. SGT has dedicated itself to honing our craft in order to provide thoughtful analysis, innovative solutions, actionable strategies and quality facilities for these entities.

Over the past three decades and more, the principals and officers of SGT have financed more than $9 billion in debt and equity and developed more than 27 million square feet of property.

We've used our turnkey development services to provide a full spectrum of expertise in the creation of academic urban villages, mixed-use campus developments, schools, career and technical academies, performing arts centers, university hotel and conference centers, events centers and more. All of our campus development efforts are fueled by a genuine desire to create spaces that enhance student life and encourage learning.


Our values are grounded in the unique environment of education. We realize that our clients must build facilities and campuses with a wide array of community concerns, environmental issues and stakeholder interests in mind. As such, the core of our philosophy is to help our clients:

  • Accommodate increased enrollment
  • Improve student performance
  • Attract and retain students, faculty and staff
  • Improve matriculation rates
  • Provide efficient services and lower energy costs
  • Foster community and industry partnerships
  • Create value from existing real estate assets

With these many objectives in mind, our approach is one of open dialog and consensus building. And when we roll up our sleeves and get to work, our efforts embrace the highest standards of sustainable planning and design.

This project demonstrates with what the partnering of the public and private sector can accomplish together. Garfield Traub's contribution to this team effort has resulted in an asset the
Joseph Stellato
Director Real Estate Planning and Development
State of New York